Ripple Control Transmitter

SRS-3040 .. 3300

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The RC transmitter family SRS-3x includes converter types in a power range from 40 kVA up to 300 kVA. The SRS-3x is optimized to the particular needs of ripple control applications.

Flexible and future-proof

  • Compatible with all types of coupling cells
    • Strong parallel injection
    • Loose parallel injection
    • 1000 V serial injection
    • Serial injection transformers
  • Output power from 40 kVA up to 300 kVA
  • Programmable transmitter interface
  • User-friendly construction using different functional modules (transmitter interface, power module, output unit)

All modules are developed and built by Swistec. The SRS power module is based on state of the art „fast trench + field stop” IGBT-modules that are freely available on the market. Its production is independent from third party suppliers, Swistec can guarantee long-term availability and warranty for SRS power modules – just like for all Swistec-product.

Integrated and communicative

  • The Swistec- controller family RKS and the transmitter family SRS are compatible with each other and can act as one.
  • The transmitter can be configured directly by the local controller RKS-12.
  • All measurement values are permanently available.
  • Thanks to the integrated RKS-concept remote configuration is possible by the central controller.
  • The transmitter configuration files are administrated by the central controller.
  • TCP-IP-connection und conventional control via digital inputs.

Since the SRS is closely connected with the RKS-controller system it adds a new quality of transparency to ripple control transmitters. The maintainability as well as the reliability of the operations will be significantly enhanced.

Expandable and universal

  • Redundant operation (optional). 2 transmitters operate as a redundant pair in order to enhance the operation reliability.
  • Customer-specific options can be realized easily.
  • The local controller unit (LCU) fits in the same cabinet.
  • Additional equipment fit in the transmitter cabinet.
  • Conventional control via the signals keying and standby or one channel control.
  • Coded check-back signals.
  • Programmable alarm outputs.

Using the new programmable transmitter interface module the transmitter can be easily adapted to the local requirements.

Technical data SRS-3040, 3060, 3090, 3120, 3200, 3300:

Power modules overview

For Means Voltage Feed-In:

[table id=28 /]

ED = Effective On-Duration

Mains input

  • Input voltage 3×400 VAC +/-10%
  • Input frequency 50 or 60 Hz

Digital Inputs

  • Alert
  • Keying / standby or single channel
  • 3 outputs on / off (signal from coupling cell)
  • 1 output frequency switching between 2 configurable frequencies (programmable)
  • 1 output voltage switching between 2 configurable output voltages

External frequency input

  • Pilot frequency (from RKS-12 or existing GPS – pilot frequency generator)
  • Switch internal / external (programmable)
  • Configurable behavior if the pilot frequency signal is missing (programmable)


  • TCP/IP, RJ 45
  • RS 232


  • RKS-12 Touch-Panel
  • RS 232 with PC Configuration program

Supervision functions

  • Duty cycle supervision
  • Pulse length supervision
  • Event memory up to 8000 events
  • Alarm memory up to 8000 alarm events

Power output

  • 1-3 outputs
  • Output voltage 50..400 V, selectable
  • 2 output voltages, switchable via external inputs
  • Output frequency 110 – 1600 Hz, 2 frequencies, switchable via external input
  • Maximum switch frequency of power converter 8 kHz
  • Output current limitation, configurable
  • Current control, configurable
  • Short-circuit-proof

Output configuration

  • Output contactor and short circuit contactor for fixed parallel injection
  • Output contactor and output transformer for loose parallel injection
  • Output transformer und output ripple-control filter for serial injection
  • Short circuit contactor, output transformer and output ripple-control filter for low voltage injection