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The SRvario is a state-of-the-art ripple-control receiver of the newest generation for three-point-mounting on the meter cross with its outer dimension fulfilling DIN 43861-2 requirements.

With its big variety of pluggable relays (up to 6 relays possible) the SRvario is always the first choice when multiple switching tasks, e.g. pacing for feeding systems in accordance with EEG, need to be complied with.

The SRvario is also the best choice when old receivers need to be replaced.

  • 1 to 6 relays 230 V, 16 A two-way contact
  • 1 to 4 relays 230 V,  40 A normally open contact
  • Relays, pluggable, with blind cover for unused slots
  • USB-interface and optical interface in accordance with IEC 62056-21 for
  • parameterization, ripple-control signal analysis and protocol evaluation
  • In case of parameterization via USB, no supply voltage connection is necessary.
  • Pluggable PROM as alternative, simple solution for parameterization tasks (optional)
  • DIN-rail mounting in accordance with DIN EN 60715 possible
  • Swistra-functionalities (option)

All Swistec ripple-control receivers use state-of-the-art, recently developed filter  algorithms that can even reliably process ripple-control signals with operating voltages below  0.3 % Un, a result of state-of-the-art processor technology that combines high processing power with low power consumption.

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