Direct switching of eHZ-tariff via SML-interface

SReHZAcrobat-LogoSRehz data sheet

The SRehz is a state-of-the-art, Swistra-compatible audio-frequency ripple-control receiver which has been designed as a partner for the pluggable electronic household meter eHZ. It combines the functions of a tariff unit with those of a ripple-control receiver of load switching in an only 35 mm small DIN-rail rack.
Due to its small design and the easy assembly the SRehz can be used without an eHZ because it is well suited as an independent 2-relay receiver, e.g. for lighting applications.

  • Unit dimensions in accordance with DIN 43880 for DIN-rail mounting in accordance with DIN EN 60715
  • Unit width 35 mm
  • Suitable for „installation space for tariff control units” in eHZ-meter cabinets
  • 2 relays 230 V / 16 A change-over contact
  • Position indicator for relay and display of functions via LED
  • Suitable for all commonly-used, conventional ripple-control telegrams
    (incl. DIN 43861-301)
  • Clock timer function with 48 h power reserve (optional)
  • Grid-wide (isochrone), secure clock time synchronisation better than 10 msec
  • Direct switching of eHZ-tariff with SML-commands via RJ-10 interface in accordance with FNN-tender document requirements for optical interface on the back side of the eHZ
  • Optical interface in accordance with IEC 62056-21 for parameterization, analysis of ripple-control signals and evaluation of protocols
  • Optional lead-sealable cover for terminal cover which can be used when not installed in sealed installation space
  • Swistra-functionalites (option)

All Swistec ripple-control receivers use state-of-the-art, recently developed filter algorithms that can even reliably process ripple-control signals with operating voltages below 0.3% Un, a result of state-of-the-art processor technology that combines high processing power with little power consumption.

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