The communicative receiver with the large customer display

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The SReasy is the ideal partner for basic meters with „On Top“-solutions. By simply mounting the SReasy, the basic meter gets transformed into a multi-meter; the inexpensive solution for your communication needs.
Alternatively, it can be used with conventional ripple-control receiver function or with clock timer features as tariff-switching device for communicative multi-tariff-meters in accordance with FNN-EDL-specifications.

  • Tariff splitter with display for T0, T1 and T2
  • Integrated audio-frequency ripple-control receiver (all systems)
    − grid-wide (isochrone), secure clock time synchronization better than 10 msec
    − sending out new switching programs via multi-function-ripple-control
    (DIN 43861−301)
  • Potential-free changer for enabling of heating (10A) or controlling of exterior lighting (10 A)
  • Front-side optical (information-) interface corresponding with eHZ-specifcations,
    e.g. interfacing of customer display
  • Swistrafunctionalities (option)

All Swistec ripple-control receivers use state-of-the-art, recently developed filter algorithms that can even reliably process ripple-control signals with operating voltages below
0.3 % Un, a result of state-of-the-art processor technology that combines high processing power with little power consumption.

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