Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities


Swistec RKS-12 is not susceptible to Meltdown or Spectre!

The CPU-CF is equipped with a MCF5235 Coldfire CPU from NXP.
The CPU architecture is derived from the MC68k architecture from Motorola.
As it does not use Branch prediction, it is neither susceptible to the spectre nor to the meltdown attacks.


Ripple-control Workshop in Bonn


Swistec Ripple-control Workshop in Bonn

In May 2017, Swistec’s most current ripple-control workshop took place at the Hotel Leoninum in Bonn.

During the 2-day long workshop, the participants were able to get to know all of Swistec’s products as well as its software developers and technicians. In addition to interesting presentations, the workshop also offered some time for individual questions which were discussed in smaller groups.

25 years of ripple-control technology with the ripple-control experts at Swistec


ZMP Leipzig: 11. + 12. Mai 2015

Come see the Swistec Ripple-control receivers at the eBZ GmbH boothZMP_05_2015

For further information on the FNN-congress ZMP 2015 read:

25 years of ripple-control technology with the ripple-control experts at Swistec

In 2014, Swistec GmbH celebrated its 25th anniversary. During this time frame Swistec grew to a small business with more than 20 employees. Swistec_all *
In addition to Swistec’s expert knowledge related to ripple-control tasks, many of our customers also value the customer-specific knowledge that the Swistec team has due to the fact that most employees have been with Swistec and thus have worked with its customers for years, often even centuries.
* Some of the colleagues are missing on this picture since they have been working at customer sites on the day the picture was taken.

Toonfrequent: “Wat is dat?” or “Hoe werkt dat eigenlijk?”


Weekend-Emergency-Mission of Swistec‘s mobile transmitter at the Stadtwerke Ansbach GmbH

It’s Friday shortly before noon when an emergency call of the Stadtwerke Ansbach GmbH reaches Swistec GmbH: Ansbach’s transmitter (manufactured 1996) failed completely.
Swistec acts immediately. Its mobile transmitter, installed in a big hanger, is driven to Ansbach, an about 400 km drive on the Autobahn. The same evening, Swistec’s mobile transmitter ensures that the system is operational again.

Like at the Gemeindliche Werke Hengersberg and at the Überlandwerk Rhön GmbH, the mobile transmitter with local control unit guarantees a smooth operation after a system break-down   –   even on a weekend.

We glady provide our mobile transmitter to our customers as long as it is available and not in use at a different customer’s site.

Mr. Hecht from the Stadtwerke Ansbach GmbH has kindly sent us a statement about what has happened from his point of view:

“On 27.09.13 at about 6:00 the Landys und Gyr ripple-control transmitter type FQD 4.1, which provides the area AN-Ost, failed. After the first trouble shooting we contacted a technician from the company Swistec who helped us troubleshooting. Since the old transmitter remained down, Swistec offered us to use their mobile ripple-control transmitter in order to re-establish our transmission area.
After a long drive from Bornheim to Ansbach, Mr. Hoepfner arrived at Ansbach with the mobile transmitter at 6:30 pm. The transmitter was hooked up without any problems.
After a few settings and measurements the mobile ripple-control transmitter was operational at 9 pm.
We can only praise the company Swistec for a fast, uncomplicated emergency maintenance.”