Measuring device TRAMPjunior

Analyse and record ripple-control signals

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TRAMPjunior, the portable, compact unit, rounds up Swistec’s spectrum of ripple-control-measuring units for mobile services.
This flexible and easy-to-use unit offers:
  • Easy to handle level-measurements in low-voltage-network.
  • Measurements of transmitter output voltage.
  • Current measurements via current-voltage-converter.
  • Decoding and display of Decabit-ripple-control telegrams.

The graphic LC-display shows the abolute measured values in Volt or Ampere as well as the percentage proportion between the measured 50Hz voltages and the adjusted secondary frequency – usually a ripple-control frequency or a network harmonic.

The unit can be operated without (rechargeable) batteries or power supply for at least 20 minutes. As no energy storage devices are used, the unit will not require any maintenance.
Of course, Swistec offers an adjustment service.

The ripple-control frequency’ levels peak hold is displayed as a number; the instantaneous value as bar. The configuration of the used current-voltage-converters or measured ripple-control frequency is stored in a non-volatile flash memory.

The individual functions are:

  • Measuring mains voltage [0, 250Veff], based on a 50Hz-filter with an accuracy of + 0,5% + 1 digit of full-scale deflection.
  • Measuring signal voltage via an adjustable frequency filter 8th order between 100Hz and 2000Hz with an accuracy of + 0,5% + 1 digit of full-scale deflection.
  • Measuring signal current via current-voltage-converter in the measuring ranges: 20A, 200A and 1000A.
  • Ballast adapter for ripple-control voltage measurements up to 1200V available.

Equipment protection

The unit is designed for network voltage measurements of up to 250Veff and for ripple-control voltage measurements up to 20Veff. An optional ballast adapter, made by Swistec GmbH, allows for ripple-control measurements up to 600Veff respectively 1200Veff.

TRAMPjunior meets all IEC 61000-4-ff-requirements up to level 3. Therefore it is protected against ESD 8kV / 8kV as well as surge- and burst-pulses up to 4kV.