Ripple-control checkback receiver for DIN-rail mounting

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The SRcb is a state-of-the-art, Swistra-compatible audio-frequency ripple-control checkback receiver designed for DIN-rail mounting.
Thanks to the SRcb, incoming data from ripple-control telegrams and audio frequency levels can be recorded at any given location in the grid. All relevant data will reliably be stored locally and can be downloaded to laptop or PC via RS232-interface. Thus, the data can be used for analysis purposes and even be  edited via MS Office.
Due to its modularity, the SRcb can be used everywhere and can easily be extended.


  • T3-phase measurement input
  • Ripple-control frequency, adjustable from 116 to 2,000 Hz
  • 3 freely parameterizable, potential-free outputs with optical indication (LED)
  • Signaling contact for message „evaluation of the received telegram“ (para-meterizable)
  • Voltage output in analogy to the measured frequency levels (0 – 10V correspond to
    0 – 10% signal level) – optional
  • Input and output terminals are designed as screw-type terminals
  • Serial interface RS232 for connection with laptop or PC
  • Wall and DIN-rail mounting
  • Swistra-functionalities (option)

All Swistec ripple-control receivers use state-of-the-art, recently developed filter algorithms capable of reliably processing ripple-control signals with operating voltages <0.3% Un
– a result of state-of-the-art processor technology combining high CPU power with little power consumption.

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