Swistec – Development and Competence

In 2019, Swistec celebrated its 30th anniversary.

For 30 years Swistec’s major field of expertise has been the ripple-control-technology as it is used by electric power companies. At this, complex ripple-control systems are Swistec’s core business.

In Germany as well as in other European and non-European countries powerful systems at electric power companies of various sizes show a very high technical standard and set criteria for dynamic innovations.

The biggest demand, however, is coming from national energy suppliers with big, spread out systems. Today, nearly all German affiliated groups and corporations in that niche market decide for a Swistec solution and choose Swistec products when new investments are made. Surely, the main reason for pro-Swistec decisions is the competency of Swistec’s developers who offer customer-specific solutions based on a flexible and customizable Swistec-standard product range.

Since its foundation, when Swistec GmbH consisted of two employees, Swistec has gradually grown and now has over 20 employees – most of which are long-term employees of at least 10+ years.  Many have been with Swistec for 20 years or more. This of course guarantees a continuous and good service for the many long-term Swistec-customers and thus contributes to a high degree of customer satisfaction. We are proud of our team of ripple-control experts.

Swistec’s core business will remain powerful ripple-control solutions. Since this is also true for the Swiss Swistec Systems AG, both companies are working closely together, offering our worldwide customers a team of full-fledged engineers and technically mature systems.

We’ll continue to take care of your needs! That’s a promise!