Swistec provides the full range of couplings

Serial couplings and parallel couplings

Rigid parallel couplings

Experience shows that most customers, using ripple-control technology, favor rigid couplings: some of them have always prefered rigid couplings and many of them have converted over to rigid couplings over the years.
Rigid coupling is the solution Swistec favors as well, but of course we provide the full range of couplings.

Features of rigid parallel couplings

  • most widely used coupling type in AF-ripple-control technology
  • high quality couplings with little AF-loss, causing reduced transmission power
  • simple and quick tuning of the coupling
  • due to the high coupling factor of the isolation transformer (almost 100 %) this coupling element does not have any influence on the tuning of coupling condensors and coupling coils
  • separate setup of the 3-phase isolation transformer and the three tuning coils
  • isolation transformer with multiple tappings for impedance matching
  • compact and service-friendly design with little space-requirements
  • low noise
  • maintenance-free coupling elements
  • constant ripple-control signal voltage in the grid, mainly independent of the amount and phase angle of the load
  • better quality of nominal voltage (EN 50 160)
  • symmetric supply level in all three phases since every phase of the coupling can be tuned separetely¬†
  • operating with ground terminals allowed due to the use of a potential-free connection
  • better ways of synchronizing the ripple-control transmitters