LED-street lights

with integrated ripple-control receivers

Nachtaufnahme Parkplatz

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In several years of development work, the highly efficient street light ProfiLight has been developed. Due to the strand cast technology, the ProfiLight production costs have been minimized. These lamps save energy costs up to 70%-75% as compared to mercury vapour lamps or 40%-50% as compared to sodium vapour lamps. An additional cost reduction of 50% can be achieved through the use of a professional light management and the reduction of the maintenance costs.Furthermore, ProfiLight also offers a multitude of additional advantages such as:

  • Durability cycle: 50,000 hours compared to 18,000 hours of sodium vapour lamps
  • High colour rendering index (CRI)
  • Shock resistant
  • Little UV-radiation, saving nocturnal insects
  • Special optics, the so called „Batwing charcteristic”: multilayer principle for highest homogeneity
  • Minimized light immission (dark sky)
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Continuously dimmable via 0 − 10 Volt interface or integrated ripple-control receiver

Profilight Masszeichnung

The ProfiLight street lights have been developed, focusing specifically on ecomomical and environmental aspects. Due to the functionality of the heat sink’s enclosure, the production costs have been reduced. Furthermore, this construction best solved the critical aspect of any LED-lamp construction: the heat dissipation.

700 Leuchte am Mast

All ProfiLight lamps are dimmable. Thanks to the integrated ripple-control receiver, the lamps can easily be dimmed via the existing ripple-control system. As usual, you profit from the inexpensive, reliable Swistec-technology.
There are two different types available:

  • 30 / 40 / 50 Watt version for lamp poles up to 6 meter height
  • 60 / 80 / 100 Watt version for lamp poles up to 12 meter height


400 Leuchte am MastThe construction of the joint at the pole allows for an easy mounting of the lamps on any type of pole. The lamps come with LEDs of natural white colour temperature: 3,700K. Optionally, they can be delivered with LEDs of cool white (daylight) colour temperature: 6,500K . When using the cool white LEDs, an additional 20% energy cost reduction can be achieved due to their high effectiveness.

Attractive financing

In order to enable communes and operators to quickly benefit from energy savings without previous investment costs, an attractive financing model of how to finance street lights has been drawn up in cooperation with leasing companies.

These leasing companies authourized us to offer LED-street lights to communes and operators of street lights free of investment and installation costs, independent of the number of street lights that shall be installed. In return, it is expected that half of the achieved cost savings will be used for the financing. Consequently, a commune can make use of half of the savings right from the first day after the installation.

We are prepared to proof the lamps’ efficiency in a test installation of up to 10 street lights. We simply ask for a cost participation of 300 € + installation costs per lamp. After the test phase, the lamps will become property of the operator.

Light distribution

The special optics distribute the light in such a way that the area which is illuminated is as wide as possible and as homogeneously illuminated as possible. This requires more light for wider angles than for smaller angles. As a consequence, the light right below the street light is not that bright. However, the areas right between the street lights are provided with sufficient light. The radiation characteristic of these optics is called „batwing characteristic” since the radiation diagram resembles the wings of a bat.

Lichtverteilung Strassen


Light distribution with special optics for streets

When looking at a diagram concerning light distribution with special optics for streets, the previously described light distribution is very pronounced.
This allows the use of a wider pole distance.


Lichtverteilung Kreuzungen


Light distribution with special optics for squares and intersections

In contrast, the light distribution with special optics for squares and intersections the relation between width and height is much bigger.


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Order information:

With ripple-control receiver:
Item-No. PROFILIGHT-NW-400-SRE           natural white                     3.700K, 400mm
Item-No. PROFILIGHT-TW-400-SRE           cool white (daylight)          6.500K, 400mm
Item-No. PROFILIGHT-NW-700-SRE           natural white                     3.700K, 700mm
Item-No. PROFILIGHT-TW-700-SRE           cool white (daylight)          6.500K, 700mm

Without ripple-control receiver:
Item-No. PROFILIGHT-NW-400                    natural white                     3.700K, 400mm
Item-No. PROFILIGHT-TW-400                    cool white (daylight)          6.500K, 400mm
Item-No. PROFILIGHT-NW-700                    natural white                     3.700K, 700mm
Item-No. PROFILIGHT-TW-700                    cool white (daylight)          6.500K, 700mm

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